About me heeeey im maya, im 14 im turing 15 on october 20th. i live in california and ive lived here all my life. im currently a sophomore in high school. im kind of shy when you meet me but i am crazy when you get to know me. im really nice so dont be afraid to message me. i hope you guys enjoy! and if you need anything just message me and ill help. xoxo. ily
likes sleep, god, money, food, pizza, tumblr, iphones, selena gomez, family, painting my nails, straight hair, makeup, orange is the new black, gossip girl, my dogs, pretty little liars, scary movies, and so much more.
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Wtf lol

if you have a personal tumblr, follow me

I’m a lot more active on there than on this blog.

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*on a date*

so haha tell me more about your dog

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